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Planning to buy a diamond then we at Showcase Jewelers understand its importance and our guide below will make your diamond buying a more easy and enjoyable experience. Most important criteria that a jeweler uses while grading a diamond are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. It's commonly known as 4 C's of a diamond. All this four properties will determine how much a diamond is worth. CUT Most often...

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Diamond Comparison Information

If you are considering buying a diamond online, rather than in person, here is something to think about. You may think these two diamonds will look exactly alike but, depending on the slight variations in proportions, they could have two different variations of brilliance. That is the potential risk you take when buying online, not actually getting your best value for your dollar. What you potentially buy online can only...

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Jewelry Care

At Showcase Jewelers we provide you with a Jewelry Care Guide that will help your jewelry last forever. There are many things you can do to prevent jewelry from getting damaged. It's always advisable to wait until you have applied makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on jewelry. When showering or getting in a swimming pool make sure you have removed all of your jewelry. Wrap your jewelry in a...

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